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Norman Tillery‚Äč

I am a 11 year African American Navy veteran

Navy Corpsman while in the Navy having served in the Golf War where I was stationed with the United States Marines.

Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Information Systems.

My experience in the car industry goes back to when I was 20 years old. As a part time business, I detailed cars in my driveway in Oceanside California. Customers even back then loved my work. However, my military duties precluded me from expanding my business. Even still, it would be almost 20 years later before I would start my first company...and so in 2007 my mobile detailing company, "Beyond the Norm" was born. I had contracts with Great Lakes Credit Union, Septran Bus Company and Libertyville Buick to name a few. I also had an extensive private clientele. Eventually I would have several lucrative contracts but not enough to free me from corporate America. I realized then that I needed a location and to expand my services to be able to generate the kind of cash flow I needed. So, I expanded my services to include carpet cleaning. I went to school for it and started adding the service of carpet cleaning and was doing well. However, in March 2018 I was able to purchase my first location in Milwaukee Wisconsin. At the time of becoming owner I was the only black owned express tunnel car wash owner in the state of Wisconsin. I currently employ an all-black staff and with support from the community I will expand my services and employees to support the community.

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